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Now that you have read the above articles, you will be able to understand the two charts below, which are Magi Astrology charts showing the super alignments of planets that have helped to push US stock prices to new highs.

You do not have to join the Magi Society to purchase AstroExplorer.

This first chart below shows the planets in the geocentric sky:. The above two Magi Astrology charts reveal that in both the geocentric and Heliocentric skies, there have been a Quadruple Trine four trines made by two pairs of planets where each pair of planets form a conjunctions that are in trine to each other. The six dwarf planets are helpful forecasting tools in all sectors of your life but absolutely essential for financial matters.

Since , the Magi Society has offered a software upgrade that includes these six dwarf planets. Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that really works and knows how to use the newly discovered planets that possess significant astrological influences. Magi Astrology provides us with the true and most useful symbolisms for all the planets and asteroids.

Even without an exact time of birth,

The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology all over the world and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over everyone else. Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself. We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here. According to Darwin's Evolution Theory, these two young parents possess disadvantageous genes, and they would pass these "inferior genes" onto all their children and thereby condemn their children to a life without real hope.

If Charles Darwin were correct, the world would be cruel and hopeless for most of us little folks. But Darwin was wrong. Darwin's Theory of Evolution has now been proven wrong by the Laws of Genetics and you may read about this by clicking on the link below. Through the miracle of the Divine Astrological System, every parent has an equal chance of having an exceptionally gifted child.

Astrology assures that if a baby is born at a time when the planets are aligned to form magical Planetary Synchronizations, then the baby will have magical skills and talents and have a chance to become Cinderella, even if the baby's parents have genes that are not so great. This totally contradicts evolution theory. Lebron James and Michael Jordan are good examples of great men who were born from parents who seemingly were not special.

Lebron's biological father was an ex-con who was not interested in being a father and deserted him. But Lebron James is now worth hundreds of millions and has several times won the award for being the Most Valuable Player in professional basketball. Where did Lebron "inherit" his basketball skills, his iron will to become the best, and his discipline to work hard in order to become the best? It was not his genes. For one thing, he is 6 foot 9 and his mother is five foot five and never showed any athletic talent.

This Synch gave each of them the ability to become very good athletes. But, of course, Lebron James and Michael Jordan needed more than just this one Planetary Synchronization to become fabulous basketball players. And, of course, Magi Astrology knows what other Planetary Synchronizations Lebron and Michael had that helped them to become two of the world's greatest basketball players.

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Some time ago, we posted links on this website to inform you that astronomers have discovered additional planets and the Magi Society learned that some of them have astrological influences. Please click on the link below to read about some of this:. Nearly a decade ago, the Magi Society concluded research that confirmed that the following six newly discovered dwarf planet have very powerful astrological influences:.

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For a decade, the Magi Society has offered our members software upgrades that include the above six dwarf planets. By including these dwarf planets, we more fully understand all the astrological reasons why Michael Jordan and Lebron James were able to become basketball's most valuable players. Below are Magi Astrology charts showing how the newly discovered dwarf planets made a huge difference by greatly increasing the power of Lebron James and Michael Jordan's Planetary Synchronizations:. By including the six newly discovered AstroBodies, you can see that Lebron James was actually born with a Symmetrical four-planet Synch.

And Michael Jordan was born with an amazing five-planet Synch, that includes two symmetrical patterns. We have explained many times on this website that symmetrical patterns are much more potent than non-symmetrical patterns. For Traditional Astrology, the discovery of additional planets poses a threat to its very existence because Traditional Astrology lacks the foundations for adding new planets to its methodology.

Each newly discovered planet confronts Traditional Astrology with unanswerable questions such as: What sign does the additional planet rule? The Ixion precept IS active at the moment because of Ixion's position - which happens to be conjunct fixed star Ras Alhague, an energetic scheduled to be posted on this February 20th. Dear Boots, That was enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

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It would be very interesting to read more about Ixion's effects on the angles, houses, and interaction with planets. For example, would Ixion on the ascendent reveal a sociopathic narcissist, and is that placement from consequences from a past life? What if Ixion was joined by Neptune in the first house?

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Would that exacerbate or ameliorate the problem? When a planet passes Ixion in a house, is that when the issues related to that house transform the person into a sociopath, or would the square or opposition pull it out? Ixion can certainly be involved in the indication of narcissism in a chart, but I would not look to it as a sole indicator as narcissism as opposed to narcissistic traits is generally indicated by a stellium of circumstances in a chart, not just one thing.

Beyond that, Ixion as a point in our natal chart tends to indicate where we will get our Self into trouble WITH our Self, not necessarily with others.

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In other words, Ixion often indicates something we 'spoil' for ourselves without any external force having to punish or convict us of something. To your question about Ixion changing its nature by being aspected by transit, that depends on the object of course and the nature of our natal Ixion challenge.

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Often times a transit will simply act as a 'trigger' which causes us to experience our 'Ixion Factor' without changing a thing, as that's Ixion's nature. This being a relatively new point to astrological study, there are likely to be quirks found in the study of Ixion transits and transits to Ixion yet to come. However, in my estimation it is far more likely that we will change the 'focus' of our Ixion "issues" rather than eliminate Ixion as a theme. So if for instance you have Ixion in the 1st house, it may manifest as some bad physical habit, or some habit you have which isn't good for you physically.

But even if you learn that lesson, there are other 1st house arenas for Ixion to play out in, and as it's going to be in your natal 1st house for the whole of your life, it will tend to continue testing various aspects of your 1st house awareness for the whole of your life.